• The Vatican Gospel Is a Counterfeit Soul-Damning Gospel!

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    What could be any more important to a person than the salvation of their own soul? Think about that for a moment, and meditate upon the truth, that you, as an individual, are going to spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell! Forever is forever, and forever, and there will […]

Leonard Ravenhill on the Roman Catholic Church

“Evangelists today are wide-eyed to the might of Communism, but tight lipped at the menace of Romanism. America would shake from coast to coast in twenty-four hours if some preacher, anointed with the Holy Ghost, gave the Roman Catholic Church a broadside! We stir national interest against the cruel, half-civilized Mau Mau (wicked enough), but powwow with, and pander to, the Roman Catholic Church! These priests who dope mens souls, these idolatrous “masses,” these Calvary eclipsing prayers to Mary, these miserable millions cheated in life and in death by the greatest forgery Lucifer ever made.” (Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill, Bethany House Publishers, 1988, Copyright 1959)

Remembering Those Who Stood Against Rome

The Protestant name came as a result of those who protested against Rome and their wickedness. We possess a Bible today, because of those who stood against Rome and their false gospel. Many were sent to the flames because they protested against a gospel that damned mens souls. People like John Huss, Martin Luther, William Tyndale and millions of others cared enough and loved people to get the scriptures in the hands of the common man. It is so sad, and absolutely disgraceful that the modern day "ministers" remain silent while the "big name" evangelists work hand in hand with Rome. Most people have absolutely no idea that there are over 100 anathemas (curses) which were UPHELD by VATICAN II (the Ecumenical Council) against people who would DISAGREE with THEIR TEACHINGS! I am happy and BLESSED to tell you that I am numbered among those who have been anathematized (cursed) by Rome! I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his beautiful grace and mercy and so great  salvation!

The Vatican Gospel Is a Counterfeit Soul-Damning Gospel!

What could be any more important to a person than the salvation of their own soul? Think about that for a moment, and meditate upon the truth, that you, as an individual, are going to spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell! Forever is forever, and forever, and there will […]

Why Did The Religious Jews Put Jesus Christ To Death?

It is very important for a person to know who put Jesus Christ to death, and why He was put to death. Why ? First of all it is in the Bible, and it is a good thing to study the scriptures, and second of all, because the cross of […]

No Deals With The Devil: Preach The Same Gospel To the Jew and the Gentile

Today I would like to speak to you on the topic of making deals with the devil. I choose the sub topic of Israel and the issue preaching of the Gospel to them as an example. As we take a look around at the events in the world today, it […]

The Jewish Passover and The Connection To Jesus Christ!

When we take a look at the feast of Passover through the study of the scriptures, you will see very clearly that it all has to do with Jesus Christ. There is no meaning in Passover without Jesus Christ. The Jewish apostle Paul referred to Christ as the Passover sacrifice: […]

The Jewish Torah Prophesied About Jesus Christ!

The Jewish Torah, as many people know include the first five books of the Old Testament (Covenant), which are also found in the Christian Bible. These five books are sometimes called the five books of Moses, or the Pentateuch. One of those books is the book of Deuteronomy, which contains an […]

The Testimony Of Jesus Christ (Not Israel) Is The Spirit Of Prophecy!

There is a very interesting portion of scripture in the book of Revelation, where the apostle John is being rebuked by an angel from Heaven, because John fell down to worship him. Here is the passage: And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as […]

The Jewish People Still Reject the Counsel of Their Own Prophets Who Prophesied of Jesus Christ

One of the most heartbreaking scriptures that can be found in the Word of God is the following verse from the gospel according to Matthew. These words were spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ almost two thousand years ago. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them […]

Roman Catholic Propaganda and the Mother Teresa Delusion

I would like to talk with you today on the topic of propaganda as it relates to the well known Roman Catholic figure “Mother Teresa.” The first question that I would like to put before you is this: Did “Mother Teresa” preach the gospel of Jesus Christ which was “once delivered […]

If You Are Offended By Jesus Christ, How Can You Be Blessed In God’s Sight?

This article is written to show you what the scriptures teach regarding those who would be called the “BLESSED” in the sight of Almighty God. We are living in a day where people still insist that the Jewish people are BLESSED, while they continue to REJECT Jesus Christ as their Messiah, […]

The Roman Catholic Church and the Murder of John Huss

The Roman Catholic Pope Francis is well aware that the 600th anniversary of the execution of John Huss at the hands of the church of Rome took place on July 6, 2015. John Huss was a man who stood against the false teachings of the Roman Catholic church and it cost him […]

The Roman Catholic Counterfeit Jesus Versus The Jesus of the Scriptures

I was watching excerpts from a 2011 video from James Robison’s television program, where he had a Roman Catholic priest on as a guest. I listened briefly as the priest “Father” Jonathan Morris explained to James Robison and his wife, how he had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour, and […]

Keith Green's Warning About The Roman Catholic Church!

It is obvious by even this brief glimpse into the doctrines of mortal and venial sins, confession, penance, and purgatory, that the Roman Catholic Church has constructed one of the most unbiblical doctrinal systems that has ever been considered "Christian". The fear, anguish, and religious bondage that such a system of "reward and punishment" creates, has tormented millions of lives for centuries, and continues to prey on those who are ignorant of the biblical way of salvation.

To merely call such a system "a cult", would be to throw it into the vast category of religions and quasi-religions that are currently making the rounds of our college campuses and city streets, snatching up many an unsuspecting youth. No, the Roman Church is not a cult. It's an empire!

With its own ruler, its own laws, and its own subjects! The empire has no borders, it encompasses the globe with its eye on every person who does not vow allegiance. It calls the members of other faiths "separated brethren" and has as its goal the eventual bringing together of everyone under its flag.

I know that many will not be convinced or moved by this article (or any of the others) to make such a conclusion. They are impressed by what they've heard about recent stirrings among the Catholics in the "charismatic renewal". Many evangelicals (especially Charismatics) have been thrilled by the reports of Catholics speaking in tongues, dancing in the Spirit, having nights of joy and praise, even attending "charismatic masses".

Mouths that used to speak out boldly against the Church of Rome have been quieted by the times. It no longer is in vogue to speak of the pope as "the antichrist" or the Catholic Church as the "whore of Babylon". Now Protestants unwittingly believe that "our differences are not so great". Ah, that is just what She needs us to think!

I've never completely understood why God led me to write these articles. But it becomes more clear with each day of study, and each page of research. Never has something so black and wicked, gotten away with appearing so holy and mysteriously beautiful . . . for so long! (Keith Green-The Catholic Chronicles)