The Apostle Paul Preached Jesus Christ to His Fellow Jews, Because He Knew That They Would End Up In Hell, Without Faith In Him!

The Jewish apostle Paul (formerly Saul) was probably the most powerful preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, outside of Jesus Christ himself. Paul was an absolute tyrant, and a major trouble for the Christians of his time. After the… Continue Reading

Did You Know That The Bible Proves That Moses, and Elijah, Spoke With Jesus the Messiah, About His Death at Jerusalem?

Did you know that  Moses and Elijah spoke with Jesus Christ, concerning his upcoming DEATH at Jerusalem?  I am not making this stuff up folks. It has been RECORDED in the Bible for a reason! That’s right, I am talking about the very… Continue Reading

Reality Check: When Famous People Die

For some strange reason it seems that whenever a well known person dies it tends to get our attention and makes us think about the afterlife a little more than we usually do.  If we read the newspaper or watch the… Continue Reading

Roman Catholic Pope Francis Preaches Sacramental Salvation, Regeneration By Baptism, and Entrusting One’s Life To Mary! [Why People Need To Flee From Rome and Those Who Join Her]

Here are some more reasons for YOU to leave the church of Rome, IF in fact YOU are still a Roman Catholic, or are in a “Christian” church that is in UNITY with her! remember this: A false gospel is… Continue Reading

Charles Stanley Contradicts Bible By Saying That “Gnashing of Teeth” and “Outer Darkness” IS NOT a Description of HELL, But That is Exactly How The Bible Describes The “Furnace of Fire” Where The WICKED Will Spend Eternity!

The topic of the eternal security of the believer is an interesting topic indeed. In this short article I examine the teaching of Charles Stanley (Atlanta, GA) and compare it with the simple teaching of Jesus Christ regarding those who… Continue Reading

Why The Jewish People Must Get SAVED, In The Same Way That The Gentiles Get SAVED, and That Is Through Jesus Christ Alone!

The Gospel of God is all about Jesus Christ and there is NO OTHER GOSPEL. Whatever a person does with the person of Jesus Christ will most definitely determine their ETERNAL destiny. The JEWISH apostle Paul said this in the book of Romans.… Continue Reading

Seven False Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, Shattered and Exposed By The Scriptures! [It's Time To Break Free From Rome and her Man-Made Traditions]

I thank God for saving my soul, and I thank God for his precious word, the TRUTH which set me free. In this post I would like to show you some of the scriptures which opened my spiritual eyes to… Continue Reading

The Lord Jesus Christ Does Not Believe in a Fictitious Place Called Purgatory and Neither Should You! [A Call for Roman Catholics To Come To TRUE Salvation in the REAL Jesus Christ, and for REAL Christians to WAKE UP]

When I was born again at the age of thirty six, I began to speak out against the FALSE teachings of the Roman Catholic church. As a former Roman Catholic I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I… Continue Reading

Like Father, Like Son: Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham) Allows Roman Catholic Bishop To Pray At His Pittsburgh Evangelistic Revival! Watch The Video Here!

Franklin Graham is following along in his father Billy’s footsteps, and working hand in hand with the Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic church preaches a false soul damning gospel, which includes their Catholic Mass. They teach that their Catholic… Continue Reading

The Roman Catholic Church Teaching on the “Sacrifice” of the Mass Is Like A Neon Sign Which Says “This Is A Doctrine Of Devils”

You do not have to dig deep to find that the Roman Catholic church preaches a FALSE gospel. It does not matter what you have been told concerning the Roman Catholic church by so called “Christian” leaders. The only thing that matters… Continue Reading

When The The Devil Throws A Hissy Fit: Satan’s Deceptions, Distractions And Hatred Of The True Gospel Of Jesus Christ

If you are a Christian, one who has been truly born again of the Spirit, and one who is truly following the Lord Jesus Christ, then this blog post is for you. Be warned! The Devil absolutely HATES the preaching… Continue Reading

The Jewish State of Israel Desires An Earthly Kingdom of Their Own, But JESUS CHRIST Said HIS Kingdom Was NOT of THIS World! (Cutting Through The Smokescreens of the Counterfeit Israel)

In this article I would like to take you through the scriptures, to show you that it has always been God’s plan for his people to be looking above, because that is where their ETERNAL HOME is. Many have been distracted, bamboozled, and deceived… Continue Reading

The Religious Jewish Leaders Sought To Kill Jesus Christ Because He Made Himself Equal With God! (Not Your Typical Sunday Morning Sermon)

Many people have no idea why the Jewish religious leaders of his day sought to KILL him. The main reason is that they simply did NOT believe that Jesus was, who he said he was. It is not a hard thing… Continue Reading

The Jewish People Still Reject the Counsel of Their Own Prophets, Who Prophesied of Jesus Christ, the Only One Who Can Save Their Lost Souls!

One of the most heartbreaking scriptures that can be found in the Word of God is the following verse from the gospel according to Matthew. These words were spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ almost two thousand years ago. O… Continue Reading

John Hagee: His False and Demonic Teachings Concerning Israel! (A Wake-Up Call For Deceived and Brainwashed Christians)

The 2014 C.U.F.I. (Christians United For Israel) Washington Summit is over, and here is an appropriate article for such a time as this. There are certain preachers and teachers in the world today who  make statements sometimes, which I find… Continue Reading